Pennsylvania Online Poker News

Will 2017 be the year that Pennsylvanians finally get legal and regulated online poker? It’s been a long, multi-year process to this point, but many believe that 2017 marks the best chance for the state to pass a bill legalizing online poker.

Standing in the way are disagreements over the merits of regulating online gambling, differing positions on who should be able to be licensed, and disputes over the particulars such as tax rate.

One thing that all agree on: If Pennsylvania were to regulate online poker, the state would become the largest market for legal online poker in the United States. Currently only three other states offer legal online poker: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. Pennsylvania is roughly as large as all three states combined.

Additionally, live poker has proven quite popular at Pennsylvania’s land-based casinos, so there’s little reason to believe that said popularity wouldn’t transfer over to the online version of the game.

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